A second special e-news this week, to highlight a couple of time-sensitive opportunities. On Tuesday, May 23rd, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Microsoft have partnered for an important webinar on cyber security, see the promotion below for more details. Additionally, we are happy to highlight the very unique “Sage” opportunity for new or curious Indigenous women entrepreneurs.

Some quick “advocacy in action” highlights. The Chamber’s recent poll on the CEBA loan for local businesses showed an overwhelming support for extending the term of the loan, and/or increasing the forgivable portion of the loan. The Chamber, through the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, is joining with other business organizations to press the federal government on this matter. Additionally, through the Commissioner for Employers, we are signatories – again with several other business organizations – to a letter to the government advocating for several changes to minimize disincentives to work. You can view this letter on our website.

Finally, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce has released its 2023-2026 Policy Compendium, as well as a resolution tracker to show where progress is being made on several files with the provincial government. The Chamber, through the Advocacy Committee and the Board of Directors, will monitor this work and connect through government to propose solutions to issues faced by businesses. We are currently considering issues at the federal level for this fall’s Canadian Chamber of Commerce. If you have an issue impacting your business that is of national or interprovincial significance, please get in touch with David as soon as possible.

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