Recovery Activation Program (RAP)

New program will help local businesses go digital in response to COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed everything, requiring telecommuting, on-demand delivery and services, supply chain resiliency and virtual collaborations.  Even as the province begins to reopen, the pandemic has heightened the urgency for businesses to digitize to survive.

To address this change, the Toronto Board of Trade and World Trade Centre Toronto created the Recovery Activation Program (RAP).  RAP offers businesses the know-how, blueprint and partners to address the conditions that COVID-19 has created by implementing digital solutions to their front, middle and back-offices.  It will not only equip them to come through COVID-19 intact, but to thrive.

With the support of a $7.7 million investment from the Government of Canada and Government of Ontario, RAP is now expanding to businesses of all sizes throughout the province, including Brantford-Brant.  The Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant has been selected as an important partner to help ensure local businesses benefit from the customized services and mentorship that RAP offers.

All participants will graduate from RAP with an expertly vetted Digital Transformation Blueprint which will detail a specific plan to attack each participant’s unique barriers to digital connectivity and will act as a highly practical tool throughout their digital restructuring.

RAP will ensure participants develop a holistic strategy to digital transformation. Participants will focus on five key pillars:

  • Digital Modernization

  • Technological Hardware

  • Structural and Regulatory Alignment

  • Digital Restructure Financing

  • Marketing and Sales

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