This week, most members should be receiving the most comprehensive guide to business in our region, the Chamber’s 2021-2022 Membership Directory and Buyer’s Guide. You may have already seen it on social media! You will notice immediately a number of design changes and details, and a dynamic front cover. Print continues to be an important industry and tool for business, and we were proud to partner with Spence Print Solutions and Craig Wright Design for this year’s edition. Thank you as well to staff for their collaboration and execution in this most difficult of years.
With schools remaining closed, and many businesses closed or under drastic operational restrictions in an effort to control the spread of COVID-19, this spring continues to be incredibly challenging. Please continue to support the Chamber through following our advocacy and engagement activities as we work with all levels of government and industry to bring solutions to improve business in our region. Let us know what your challenges are as well.
Thank you, and stay safe.