The Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant is authorized by the Province of Ontario as a Commissioner of Oaths and as such can certify certain documents.

The most commonly requested document for certification is the Certificate of Origin, which is a document stating the origin of goods being exported. In customs terms, determining the “origin” of a good can be complicated and contentious procedure. However, determining the origin of an exported good is one of the key bases for applying tariff and other important criteria.

It is the exporter’s responsibility to obtain the Certification of Origin form. Since these have often been difficult to find, we have provided a template that can be customized for your business. Click here for a sample form.

Other documents. Below is a list of other documents which a Commissioner of Oaths can certify. Click on the links to obtain the corresponding document template.

Sample Visa Application Letter (1)
Sample of Government-issued documents letter

Sample Letter of Free Sale
Recommended Consent Letter for Children Travelling Abroad
Parental Consent Form for Child Travelling to another country (when neither parent is traveling)
Parental Consent Form for Child Travelling to another country (shared custody)

Please contact the Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant prior to arriving in person for commissioning services. (519) 753-2617 ext: 28 or email

Notice to first-time users of commissioning services:
Prior to commissioning a document for the first time, the Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant requires a notarized letter of waiver. Exporters that frequently have documents certified often find the notarization process costly and time consuming. An alternative to notarization of documents is through letters of warranty or waiver obtained from the shipper (i.e., manufacturer or exporter) or her/his agent. The Chamber of Commerce allows companies that are frequent users of our service to place a letter of waiver on file stating that they take responsibility for the documents that they present to us.

The letter of waiver , signed by a corporate officer, and notarized by a Notary Public must be:

a) submitted on the letterhead of the company concerned;
b) dated
c) addressed to the Chamber or Board concerned;
d) signed by a company officer;
e) sworn to before a Notary or Justice of the Peace
f) periodically renewed (as determined by the Chamber of Commerce).

Sample Letter of Waiver