The global pandemic is reshaping our world. Canadians believe the government is their saviour during the pandemic, but economic recovery has to be business-led.  Canadians can’t return to their normal lives until they are gainfully employed. In the short term, the most direct path to economic recovery is the successful management and eradication of COVID-19. The business community can play an important leadership role in developing entrepreneurial solutions to this objective.

Our Vaccine Resource Hub provides businesses with a one-stop-shop to help in building vaccine confidence amongst their team. This includes practical guidance for how employers can speak with their employees about vaccinations.  More Information

Businesses have a critical role to play before mass vaccination is completed. This toolkit provides practical guidance for businesses to re-establish their operations while ensuring the health and safety of staff and customers.

The advice provided is intended to be adaptable for companies needing, or desiring, to bring employees back into physical locations for collaboration or enhancing productivity. At the core of successfully executing a return to the workplace, a plan is building trust through transparency and communication. It is likewise important for leaders to build a culture of safety and lead by example to set the tone for the rest of the office. You will find numerous practical tips in this toolkit.