We are happy to announce the return of our Rapid Testing Kits program! We received our first of three shipments in response to demand early this week and will be rolling out appointments over the next two weeks to meet the demands on the program. Thank you to our partners with the Paris and District Chamber of Commerce for some resources to help prepare for an orderly distribution. Please watch for your pre-scheduled appointment or more information as the program resumes and our capacity and systems are adjusted. Please note that we are following an agreement with the province to distribute to all businesses who meet the program’s criteria and are doing our best to allocate limited resources to the demands from all small businesses in Brantford-Brant to allow for safe operations within a testing program.
Also note the several events and activities also underway and in progress, and please take some time this month to explore ChamberTV (Thursdays on RogersTV) featuring two of our newest members and their small businesses and social enterprises, and Chamber Chat (Fridays on Facebook and Instagram) to keep up to date with the business community and Chamber Board activities respectfully.
Please enjoy a loving Valentine’s Day weekend!
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