Welcome to the summer! Our e-news this week highlights a couple of up-to-date issues from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

First, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is leading efforts to encourage intervention in the strike action at the Port of Vancouver and other West Coast ports. Nearly $800 million worth of cargo flows through every single day, so prolonged work action will continue to disrupt Canada’s supply chains and create additional inflationary pressures for Canadians caused by delays. Look for additional information and our advocacy letter as a signatory shortly. Additionally, please see the opportunity to be recognized nationally for your work, through the CCC’s newest recognition initiative.

Provincially, the OCC has released its latest report on Housing – see the details below. The Chamber is engaged on a number of fronts on housing issues, and looks forward to amplifying the OCC’s work.

Our thoughts are also with Chamber member Brant Food Centre and the devastating fire that occurred over the weekend. A popular grocery and lunch destination for staff and employees across the City, we offer our support to get them operational as quickly as possible.

Have a safe week,


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