We hope you’ve made the most of winter’s arrival last week and through this weekend, and you have had a safe and warm start to the new year. We look forward to welcoming you at tonight’s Business After Hours hosted by Ponder Recruiting, details below!

With this week recognizing the mental health challenges of today’s environment, the Chamber would like to highlight the work of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce in its policy paper, “Mind the Gap” and the follow up discussion on January 23rd regarding the Mental Health “Echo Pandemic” it is hosting. Please join in for a review of the challenges, and opportunities in addressing this significant business challenge in 2024.

Two grant programs remain active in Canada to support small and medium sized businesses. The Digital Main Street returns with $2500 grant to increase and improve your digital presence, and can be delivered through local talent, or through Ontario Chamber of Commerce sources.

The Canada Digital Adaption Program, or CDAP, is a larger initiative with both a grant and a loan program available, and new, updated terms available. The link noted provides the Royal Bank of Canada’s independent perspective on the program. Chamber members in the industry are able to assist in application and delivery of the service, and the Chamber can provide direct links to members and companies providing the services.

Two items of feedback requested from you:

  1. The Chamber would like to hear of your experiences with vandalism, nuisance behaviour, theft, etc. We have been hearing from members anecdotally about the financial and operational challenges they have experienced, and would like to understand more about how your business has been impacted by these actions throughout the City of Brantford and County of Brant. This will assist in our advocacy efforts with the Ontario and Canadian Chambers of Commerce.
  2. Your experience with the CEBA loan program. With the deadline this week, and no additional changes anticipated, the Chamber is interested in the impact of the current loan terms on your business.

A quick email to chamber@brcc.ca will be acknowledged and followed up with if needed.

Thank you,


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