Welcome to June! Activity at the Chamber and in our community remains brisk this month. If you have not already, be sure to vote in the provincial election tomorrow, June 2nd. Next week, we are pleased to welcome our largest golfer contingent in memory to Chamber member Copetown Woods for our 55th Annual Golf Tournament. While we may be sold out, if you would really like to join us, in today’s environment there are usually some last-minute conflicts so please check on Monday.
Ontario’s Right to Disconnect rules come into place tomorrow for employers with over 25 employees. For assistance or questions on what your company needs, please check with a Chamber member using our popular Online Membership Directory or your personal printed copy, one of our HR experts or lawyers specializing in HR law would be pleased to help.
We are hearing from members in all sectors about the challenge of finding labour of all skill sets. There are many programs available to access and/or develop talent internally, through underemployed or newly employed sectors, including students and employees with different abilities. The Chamber can act as a connector, linking prospective employee sectors with employers in need of talent. Our Chamber students this winter and spring have been extremely valuable to our services, and we look forward to additional co-op and work placement students over the summer and fall. We also know of a computer programming student in need of a work placement this summer, please contact us if you have a potential placement.
A final reminder, get out to vote tomorrow and ensure staff has the chance to as well.
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